Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thumpa but No Bumpa

For some reason, lately I have little patience for radio yakking in the car. Even NPR, though I devoted 26 years of my life to it. I can't even take cool alternative-yaking on alternative radio stations. (Alternative to what, you may ask. Good question.)

So I listen to CDs. Different stuff, but lately I've become quite fond of dance music while driving. Lately it's a double CD of mixes by Benny Benassi. I'm going to get huge subwoofers so I can drive by your house and entertain you. Thumpa-thumpa-thumpa. thumpa, thumpa-thumpa.

It's fun music, kinesthetic. My mind is not taxed--I can think and enjoy the drive and the scenery on my way to work. I like driving. Especially after the car dealer informed my that my car could corner at 130 mph. Please understand that I'm not dangerous, though I do love leaving large speeding SUVs way behind around curves. With the dance-floor pulse surging through me.

In our confusing world, one must enjoy what one can. Mustn't one?


Doc John said...

You need satellite radio in your car!

Craig Dorval said...

I had satellite radio in a rental car a while ago. There's a lot of talking creeping in there, too!

Doc John said...

Depends on the station but at least the talking concerns the music and not about commercials.
One of the stations I listen to has Mark Goodman, the ex-MTV VJ. He's very knowledgeable (and opinionated) about music.

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